Imani Akeda | Loving Life Again

Imani went from walking 5 miles a day to being wheel chair bound. Her primary care physician told her there was nothing that could be done, she's just old. As a young 70 year old, Imani did not accept that answer. Following a total hip replacement with Dr. Bron, Imani has a skip in her step and is loving life.



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My name is Imani Akeda and I met Dr. Bron a year, two years ago. I was having such a difficult time. Before surgery I was in a wheelchair for over a year. I could not walk up the steps. My husband, he would literally carry me up the steps. Carry me down the steps. He would have to bring my food to me. My husband is blind, so therefore it was very difficult for the both of us to maneuver. So after meeting with Dr. Bron and having the surgery it is just a world of difference. I mean I can do so many things. I'm just so excited. I can, I can walk and I can run and I just take kick step classes at the Y. I walk two miles to work. So I just, I just feel just marvelous. I would recommend him to anyone. My quality of life has changed so much. Sometimes I'm just speechless because I just don't know what to say to explain how wonderfully, how wonderful I feel at this point. You know I actually had to learn how to walk down the steps because I hadn't, well you know, I'm walking down the steps one foot at a time. And then I had to really think, how do you walk down the steps? Oh my god how do you walk down the steps? And now I can walk down the steps one foot after the other. I can walk up the steps one foot after the other. So, I love Dr. Bron. He has done such such a wonderful thing for me. So my quality of life is actually back to where it was five years ago when I was power walking five miles every day. So I'm doing two miles now. So I figure in another six months I'll be up to five. So I'm just feeling wonderful. I'm dancing. I did the get up challenge. So I'm loving it. Thank you, Dr. Bron.

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