LaVonne Harris | "I would highly recommend Dr. Bron to anyone."

Following a knee replacement with another doctor, LaVonne developed an infection in her knee. When the infection wasn't getting better her doctor referred her to Dr. Bron. Today she's back to living life with a new knee and infection free.


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My name is LaVon Harris.  Before I met Dr. Bron I was really almost at my wit's end.  I had had a total knee replacement over a year ago and it started out quite well and then I got an infection and that developed into quite a problem involving infusion therapy and a lot of a lot of time.  So I went back to my doctor and they did the surgery and said that things just aren't going right and he said "well I've got a wonderful reconstruction doctor - Dr. Bron - that 'd like to recommend you to", So I said oh thank goodness that's what I need, so that's how I met Dr. Bron and that was probably one of the best things that ever happened.  Things have gone really well since Dr. Bron did the replacement surgery, actually Dr. Bron did two surgeries on me.  He did the first one - to take out the old knee replacement parts - then he had to scrape down into the bones and get the area all cleaned out and so that we could start treating the infection.  So then I was in infusion therapy for eight weeks and then after that he was saying 'oh yes the infection is gone and we're ready to put in a new knee' and I go oh yeah!   He did the second total knee replacement -well the second one was night and day- I had no pain, I was walking without a cane within about a week, and I I've just you-know, I've been so pleased with what he did for me.  I'm just so pleased that I'm able to do things now.  I can help set the table, I can wash the dishes, I've been cooking, I've been I've been doing everything except playing my bass fiddle... that's the only thing I haven't gotten back to.  I would highly recommend Dr. Bron to anybody.  He is such a nice person and he just makes you feel like he really cares about your recovery and what you're doing and and that shows - you know?  The minunte he walks in the room you just feel like I am loved so I you know I couldn't recommend Dr. Bron more highly.

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