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As an athletic 53 year old, Eric was incapacitated with hip pain. He knew he needed hip replacement and interviewed a number of orthopaedic surgeons specifically looking for one that did the anterior approach to hip replacement. Today he's back to skiing, working out, and living life pain free.


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Hi my name is Eric and I live here in Colorado Springs.  Prior to surgery I was pretty much incapacitated. I had a dramatic limp, it was painful walking going up and down stairs,and really limited my ability to be as active as I like to be.  I've had a multitude of orthopedic surgeries and I had a total knee several. I only guess about a year and a half ago and as I was looking at getting a total hip. I interviewed a number of different doctors - I had realized that for some candidates there was the possibility of doing an anterior approach so I sought out a physician that would do an anterior approach.  When I met with Tyler I really liked his demeanor, I liked his bedside manner,and he said I was a candidate for the anterior approach.  Friends of mine that had a total hip and had done a posterior approach - I know there was long term rehab much like they did for my knee - and I didn't want to do that.  So when I chose Tyler as my orthopedic surgeon, I couldn't have been more pleased.  Within about 24 hours after surgery (I did use a walker to get from the bed to the bathroom after I left the bathroom) I never had another need for crutches cane walker anything like that and it has been absolutely fantastic.  So this year I've already stayed three or four times. I'm riding my bike, I ride my maxi climber versus a climber, so I'm back to where I was prior to having the hip pain. I would highly recommend Tyler for anybody friends family that need to have an hip or knee replacement he has been absolutely fantastic.

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