What to expect before -or- after your procedure

Our office wants you to be educated and prepared for your big day and the recovery after.  Please check out the pertinant article below for information that will help you navigate the stages of your procedure.  You can prepare a checklist with the included items. 

Are you wondering;

  • What medications to stop before a hip / knee replacement?
  • What medications to avoid after a hip / knee replacement?
  • Do you wonder how will a hip / knee replacement affect my work?
  • How will a hip / knee replacement affect my mobility?  And for how long?

If you find there are still questions after referencing the articles below, please call the office or bring up your concerns to Dr. Bron in consultation.  We will be happy to go over any of your questions and make sure you understand what is to come.  Please visit the 'Patient Resources' portal for even more information.  THANK YOU

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Insurance Accepted

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Medicare
  • Most major insurance plans

Contact your insurance company or call our office at (719) 632-7669 to find out if we accept your insurance.