What to Expect After Surgery


What to Expect Post Operation - Patients, please watch PRIOR TO surgery and AFTER surgery as often as needed

We are here for you! If you have any questions post surgery, please call our office at 719-632-7669


Follow Up Visits

At your 2 week post-op appointment the bandage will be removed and the incision will be checked.  Please let us know at that appointment if you need any refills on your medications, some of those cannot be called into your pharmacy.

At your 6 week post-op appointment, x-rays will be taken and your progress will be assessed to see if changes need to be made to help your recovery.

At your 3 month post-op appointment, x-rays will be taken agand and follow up will be as needed until your 1 year post-op appointment.

Our office will contact you for the 1 year appointment.

Physical Therapy After Surgery

Knee Replacement

Physical therapy should start within 3 days of you leaving the hospital and this should be set up before your surgery date.  Please contact our office if physical therapy has not contacted you by the day of surgery.

Hip Replacement

Formal physical therapy is not ordered for after surgery.  You are to follow the Self Directed Walking Protocol which consists of you up and walking 4-5 times a day for as long as you can until your 2 week post-op appointment.  If you are not progressing by your 2 week appointment, physical therapy will be ordered.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

You will leave the hospital with a waterproof bandage that should stay on until your 2 week appointment.  If the bandage falls off or lifts up and water has gotten into the incision, contact our office.
Compression stockings are to be worn for 6 weeks after surgery at all times, EXCEPT while showering.
Swelling, bruising, and warmth are very normal from the surgery site down to the toes.  Continue to ice and elevate the surgical side ABOVE THE HEART multiple times a day during those first weeks.  Then continue as needed.
Continue taking Aspirin 325mg daily for 6 weeks or Xarelto 10mg daily for 4 weeks after surgery.
Call our office if you develop a fever greater than 101.5.
If you had surgery on your LEFT knee/hip, you will need to discontinue your pain medication in order to start driving.  If you had surgery on your RIGHT knee/hip, you cannot drive until you are seen back at your 6 week post-op appointment.
Our office has 48 hours to respond to your medication refill request. Please plan refills in advance.

What to expect after hip replacement or knee replacement surgery- Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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Insurance Accepted

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Medicare
  • Most major insurance plans

Contact your insurance company or call our office at (719) 632-7669 to find out if we accept your insurance.